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What Is the Best Moving Truck Rental?

Apr 20, 2022

Choosing the right company to help you complete your move can be stressful. The best moving truck rental fits all your requirements in sizing, pricing, and availability. The following article will discuss what you should consider when choosing a moving truck company, the five best moving truck rentals, and how to find the cheapest option that still meets your needs.

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Should You Consider Renting a Moving Truck?

A moving truck rental is a great option for those who want a convenient, cost-effective, and flexible solution for a self-service move.

Renting a moving truck can also be beneficial depending on the distance between your old location and the new one. Sometimes doing multiple trips in your own vehicle can be taxing and stressful, especially if your new home is far away.

Also, most of the time, you will need more space for furniture or bulkier items that are hard to pack into a box. If you have items that won’t travel well in an everyday vehicle, then a rental moving truck would be helpful.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Moving Truck Company

Renting a moving truck will help you remain in control of your move-out process.

When choosing a moving truck company, there are four factors that can potentially affect the overall cost of your move. It is important to be aware of the following factors and how each one can affect you.

1. Size

When looking for the perfect match for a moving truck, consider what you would like to place in the truck for transportation. Moving truck rentals are typically offered as a Cargo Van, 12-foot, 16-foot, 22-foot, or 26-foot. Depending on the items you cannot place in your everyday vehicle, the size of your moving truck may vary.

If all you want to place in your moving truck is furniture and a few boxes, then a 12-foot rental truck will likely do the trick. However, as you consider adding larger, bulky items, be aware that more space may be needed.

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The purpose of renting a moving truck is to make the move-out process efficient and feasible. You do not want to rent the wrong size of vehicle and have to do more work than necessary.

An additional goal of any rental moving truck is to get all your belongings from one home to another in one trip. If you purchase too small of a truck, you’ll have to waste valuable moving-in time at your new place. It can also be frustrating to have to drive back and forth. On the other hand, purchasing too large of a truck can be a waste of money.

This is why it is imperative that you first consider what needs to be placed in the truck and then make a purchasing decision.

2. Moving Date

Make sure to have a set move-out date. Moving truck rentals often charge a lump sum for a set amount of time, so it is best to remain on schedule when moving out.

3. Type of Move

There are two types of moves: short- and long-distance. When pursuing a quote from your choice of moving truck rental company, be sure to communicate how far away your new home is relative to your current location.

4. Insurance

When purchasing a moving truck rental, consider adding on an insurance policy that will cover any damages to items or the vehicle itself.

Reputable moving truck rental companies will automatically offer their own insurance policies. These policies may include a damage waiver, standard and supplemental liability, cargo protection, and medical protection in the event of an accident.

Purchasing insurance through your chosen moving truck rental company will ensure you are not liable for any damages that may occur during your move.

5 Best Moving Truck Rentals in the U.S.

Purchasing a moving truck rental can become a tedious task in the middle of moving. It is sometimes difficult to discern what company is reputable and best suited for your financial needs. However, the best moving trucks to rent do not have to be hard to find.

1. U-Haul Truck Rental

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For a long-distance move, U-Haul truck rental is a great option. U-Haul is a feasible, high-quality moving truck rental service that offers a wide range of trucks to suit a variety of needs.

In addition, they offer a comprehensive website for you to browse. The website itself is user-friendly with all necessary information given on the main page. This allows you to quickly understand what type of moving truck you are looking for.

2. The Home Depot Truck Rental

Home Depot’s Load N’ Go Rentals are great if you are moving within your local area. The selection of moving trucks through Home Depot is smaller, but their offerings are still effective. Also, the Load N’ Go Rentals are $19 for the first 75 minutes. After, you’ll have to pay a flat rate.

Home Depot also works with Penske to offer moving trucks for long-distance transportation. However, you will still need to get a direct quote from Penske before making an actual purchase.

3. Enterprise Truck Rental

If you are moving out of a larger home, then Enterprise truck rental may be the best option. Their vehicle selections are for both business and commercial moves. They also offer more variety in sizes than other truck rentals.

4. Penske Truck Rental

Penske truck rental allows customers to save on moving costs by offering a wide variety of deals and sales every day.

Also, they offer professional assistance in choosing the right vehicle and coverage for your needs. This can prove to be a great commodity for you to utilize in the middle of your move. It takes away the stress of having to figure out everything on your own.


5. Ryder Truck Rental

With over 37,000 moving truck selections, Ryder truck rental is a great company for any consumer. Ryder focuses on making the moving process as convenient and affordable as possible. You are able to personalize your moving experience through great deals and rates.

What Is the Cheapest Truck Rental for Moving?

Budget Truck Rental allows you to search for the cheapest moving truck rentals near you. On their home page, you are given the opportunity to search by city, state, and zip code. This system makes finding the perfect moving truck rental match easy and convenient.

When deciding on what is the cheapest and best option for you, consider exactly what you need a rental truck for. If you can place the majority of your belongings in your personal car, then that will lessen the price. Prices rise as the size of the vehicle increases, so keep that in mind when renting the vehicle.

Make Your Move-Out Even Easier With a Professional Cleaning

Once you have all your belongings packed and loaded onto the moving truck, you’ll want to complete a final cleaning of your home.

We suggest hiring a professional cleaning service to tackle your move-out cleaning to save you time and to make sure the job is done as thoroughly as possible. At Moveout.com, we've made it easy to find and hire move-out cleaners in your area. Get started today!


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October 2023

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