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How to Find the Best Storage Unit Near Me

Feb 23, 2022

Finding the best storage unit near you can be a headache. The first step will be to discern whether or not you will need a self-storage or a full-service storage space. Understanding exactly what these two types of storage units are and what key components are necessary for a quality storage unit will help you move out faster.

What Is a Storage Unit?

A storage unit is a large space that is solely designed to store your belongings. The purpose of utilizing a storage unit while moving is to store items that you’re thinking about selling or can’t afford to ship or move at the time. It can also simply be used to offset the stress of moving.

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When considering renting a storage unit, make sure you decide on what type you would like to have and which would best suit your belongings.

The two most common types of storage units are:

  • Full-Service Storage Unit
  • Self-Service Storage Unit

Both types of storage units can be used for business or personal purposes.

Full-Service Storage Unit

Full-service storage units are for those who do not want to deal with moving their belongings into the storage unit itself.

You can hire a full-service storage unit team to pick up your belongings and store them for you. The team will create a photographic inventory list of your items that you can manage and keep for your own records. These teams are associated with the storage unit facility itself, and the facilities are usually guarded.

This is beneficial for those who want to focus on other aspects of moving out, want to hold their belongings in one place for a long while, or may have valuables mixed in with their belongings that they want to keep safe.

Self-Service Storage Unit

Self-service storage units are primarily short-term rental spaces like lockers, containers, and outdoor sheds. These units are rented on a monthly basis and are secured by your own lock and key. You may also have to pay for insurance coverage unless your homeowner or renters insurance covers storage units.

This type of storage unit is the most common type. It is beneficial to those who plan on frequently visiting their storage facility or those who may only need some extra storage space for a short period of time.

What to Consider When Choosing a Storage Unit

You have your move-out date set, but maybe you’re downsizing or just don’t want to have to move all your belongings into your new home. Even though you have identified your reasons for needing storage, you do not really know which storage room would best fit your needs.

At Moveout.com, we have compiled a list of things to consider when choosing a storage unit.


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Depending on the belongings that you wish to store, your need for storage space will vary.

Smaller storage rooms are recommended for items that can be stored in cardboard boxes or storage bins. This is because these items do not require extra space and can be stacked.

Medium storage rooms are great for storing boxes and items that are a little awkward to wrap or box. These items can include standing lamps, armchairs, or other exotic objects.

Medium-sized rooms also allow for a bit more room to move around in. If you want to feel like you can roam a bit between stacks of boxes and odd objects, then this size is recommended. Medium storage rooms are also the most common for short-term storage rentals.

Larger storage rooms are intended to hold bulkier objects like furniture. With a larger storage space you are also given more of an opportunity to set up organizers like filing cabinets, bookshelves, and more depending on your needs.


Pricing depends on the location and size of your storage unit. Storage units typically cost between $100 to $300 per month.

If you order online, most storage facilities will offer a discount. That said, make sure to conduct a search engine browse before purchasing a storage unit.


You will want to first establish where your storage unit should be located. It is important to have it close by so you can always have quick access to your belongings.

Also, remember that location does factor into pricing, so consider multiple storage options before making a final decision.

Climate Control

An amenity to consider is climate control. You will want a storage unit that provides a good central air conditioning system to make sure your clothing, furniture, and other belongings maintain their quality.

Length of Rental

Make sure to research units that will accommodate the time you need. Some will hold specials for a very set period of time and may even offer a free month if you reserve a unit for an additional 6 months.

Tips for Selecting the Best Storage Unit Online

Selecting the best storage unit for your needs can be inconvenient. However, we have done the research for you.

When looking for the best storage unit for you, it is recommended to first try a storage unit search engine website. These sites will provide you with a comprehensive list of storage units with their corresponding pricing per square footage.

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Below, we have provided a list of our top three recommended search engine websites to browse when searching for your storage unit.

Top 3 Search Engine Websites to Browse


With SpareFoot, you can easily find a storage unit in your desired location. The search engine software takes your designated zip code and outputs the highly recommended storage unit facilities.

You are also given the option to change the search engine requirements from “recommended” to either accommodate for reviews, prices, or preferred rate of distance. You are able to select storage units based on square footage and certain amenities you might be interested in.

You can simply click on your preferences, and then the software will automatically update your listings.

Self Storage Finders

With Self Storage Finders, you can either click “search near me” or type in the zip code of your preferred location for your storage unit. This search engine also provides a listing of storage locations with pricing per square foot.

When you click on a storage unit of your liking, the website will direct you to a different page where you can access a Google Map to see exactly where the facility is located, the listed office hours, and a comprehensive list of available units and corresponding pricing.

Storage Seeker

With Storage Seeker, you are able to look for self-storage units or for car, RV, and boat storage units as well. It has the same software abilities as the other two recommended sites but offers a bit more in terms of different units for different types of belongings.

What To Do After Your Belongings Are In Storage

You have placed your belongings in storage, but now what?

Options for optimizing your storage unit include using the space as a way to downsize, a way to hold extra belongings before selling them, or as a way to store sentimental items. Once all your belongings are stored away, you will need to make sure your apartment or home is thoroughly cleaned before your move-out.

For your next move-out, you can use Moveout.com to book a professional move-out cleaning service. Check out our other blogs on how to improve your move-out process as well.


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March 2023

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