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Move-Out Cleaning

Move-Out Cleaning Guide for Tenants

Oct 26, 2021

There are a lot of things you need to do before you move out of your current home. From boxing up your belongings to moving big appliances to cleaning each room from top to bottom — what is the best way to keep track of your progress and move out on time? Fear not, our move-out guide for tenants is here to help!

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Why Should You Use A Move-Out Guide?

When moving into a new home, or even to another state, having a defined plan will help keep you on track and organized for move-out and greatly reduce your stress. Learn more about how a move-out cleaning guide or checklist can help you remember your tasks and stay focused.

Remembering Your Tasks

Keeping a list of your tasks takes all the guesswork out of packing, move-out cleaning, and setting up your new space.

Did you know that humans can only remember about 7 tasks or items at one time? This is the reason why our phone number is 7 digits long. We tend to forget information if we have more than 7 tasks on our minds.

To ensure you don’t forget the big and little move-out tasks on your plate, write down your own specific plan or use a move-out cleaning guide template from the internet.

Staying Focused

A move-out checklist or guide is the perfect way to stay focused on your moving schedule.

These tools keep all the tasks you need to complete in one convenient place. Instead of waiting and asking yourself the question “what should I do next?”, you can simply take a look at your move-out checklist and start on one task after another.

Download Our Free Move-Out Cleaning Guide

To help you get started and stay organized during your move-out, we have created a downloadable checklist. It’s great for tenants who are finished packing and ready to complete their move-out or for landlords who are evaluating a tenant’s move-out cleaning.

We included tasks commonly included in standard move-out cleanings and provided free spaces for you to write in your own items specific to your property.

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Download Our Free Move-Out Guide

How to Use Our Move-Out Cleaning Guide for Tenants

Our guide utilizes a top-down approach, as this is generally the preferred way to conduct a move-out cleaning.

When you start cleaning, dust will slowly fall from the top of the home to the bottom. This is why the floor gets dirty after you clean your cabinets or tables, even if you vacuum or mop the floor beforehand. Cleaning starting from the top to the bottom will achieve a better result.

Our checklist follows this same principle starting from the ceiling, to the walls, and ending with the floor.

Adding Due Dates to Your Move-Out Guide

Just like homework for school, you should set due dates on your move-out checklist to help you stay focused and complete tasks on time.

Some move-out guides recommend starting to prepare for your move 1 to 2 months in advance. This will allow you to take your time and avoid rushing, especially if something unforeseen pops up, such as getting sick. It also helps ensure that you don’t have to extend your stay with your current landlord and pay extra.

Understand the Other Side of Moving Out

As a tenant, you have to understand that your landlord wants you to move out as quickly as possible so they can rent the place out quickly. To do this, they may need to do repairs, renovations, or other home improvements before the next tenants come in.

They are likely not earning any rent at this time but are spending a lot of money on completing these fix-ups. Some landlords rely on rent as part or all of their income, so be understanding and make a plan to move out on time.

On the other hand, landlords must understand that their tenants are not only moving out but also trying to move into their new home before their lease ends. There are various tasks on their plate that will need to be completed before they move into their new home.

Whether you’re a tenant or landlord, a move-out cleaning guide will help set expectations and make the moving process as stress-free as possible.

Whatever You Do, Have a Plan for Your Move-Out

A move-out is inherently stressful, with having to keep track of all your items and making sure you move out on time. Download and print our move-out cleaning guide for tenants to help you remember all your tasks, keep you focused, and save you time.

If you'd prefer to have a professional handle your move-out cleaning, visit Moveout.com to hire a trusted cleaner near you.


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Article written by Zhi Hao Liu

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March 2023

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